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Davis Dyslexia Correction® Programme


Suitable for people from age 8 to 80 who would like to overcome their difficulties with reading, writing, spelling, punctuation, comprehension, focus and co-ordination.

This programme consists of:


  1. Correcting the client's perception, enabling them to become orientated, and improving their personal awareness.

  2. Koosh ball fun exercises, used to help improve balance and co-ordination.

  3. De-triggering the alphabet and other symbols which caused the disorientation initially.

  4. Creating clay models of the definition of words which trigger disorientation (because they have no pictures, i.e. 'the', 'and', 'is', 'where') and the client gains full understanding of  what the word means, what it looks like and how it sounds.

  5. Reading focuses on training the eyes with left to right movement across a line, recognising groups of letters as words and giving meaning to what has been read.



Orientation:  To put oneself in the proper position and state of mind, so one's mental perceptions agree with the true facts and conditions in the environment.


Disorientation:  The loss of one's position or direction in relation to other things.  A state of mind in which mental perceptions do not agree with the true facts and conditions in the environment.


Mastery:  To know with certainty.

On the last day of the programme, a support person is invited to join us, participate, and gain a hands-on insight into the wonderful world of their dyslexic partner or child.  Following this, there are three follow-up / help sessions offered, as required, together with phone and email support.


Everyone is different, so each programme is customised to the individual, sorting their troublesome aspects and achieving their goals.


Each course is undertaken over 6 or 7 days with a minimum of 30 - 35 hours, 9am to 3pm or 4pm, age dependent.   The client will learn valuable tools to reduce stress levels, enable focused concentration and eliminate the cause of their dyslexic traits, all undertaken in a unique pictorial style of learning.  The end result is that a dyslexic person is able to read and comprehend, write and spell, and develops balance and co-ordination skills.  A further result is an increase in the person's self esteem and confidence.

Recommended reading:


The Gift of Dyslexia  by  Ronald D Davis.


This details the reasons why dyslexia exists, how it manifests and what can be done about it.

Other Programmes offered:

Davis Maths Mastery Programme


For the client experiencing hassles with knowing what change to expect when purchasing an item, tell the time and manage time, or those unable to understand or use basic mathematics.  This assists a client to eliminate the causes of the blocks to their learning. This programme also incorporates most of the Davis Dyslexia Correction® Programme and then additionally extends into the Maths Mastery Programme.


Davis Attention Mastery Programme


This is a drug free solution for those experiencing ADD or ADHD.  This programme also incorporates the Davis Dyslexia Correction Programme and goes further to address behaviours such as day-dreaming, inability to sit still, impulsivity, and the inability to comprehend time.  It gives the client understanding of their behaviours and the way this impacts on others.

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