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I first came to Christine for help with migraines.  Reflexology relieved their intensity and rate of occurence considerably.  I also found my stress levels reduced and a general feeling of well-being resulted after a session.

Christine herself is professional and genuinely cares for her clients.  

I would highly recommend.

Andrea Yates

I had recently had knee replacement surgery and was suffering post surgery depression and stress.  Christine offered to help me with reflexology - and she certainly did.

I found Christine to be very professional and was really comfortable while she administered to my feet.  I would recommend her kindness, gentle manner and knowledge to anyone.

Maggie Featherbe  JP

About 9 months ago I was on a cruise with my hubby.  I was having trouble breathing due to asthma.  As it happened, we were sitting next to a lovely couple, Christine and hubby John.


Christine noticed my breathing and asked if she could help, took hold of my hand and started doing reflexology to help with my breathing.  After a short time I was feeling so much better.  She showed me what to do when I had another attack. 


One night while watching a movie under the stars, again Christine did some reflexology but this time on my feet.  Christine hit a spot and asked if there was something up with my intestines.  What Christine did not know was that I had been having stomach pains for over 4 years and had been rushed by ambulance to hospital due to the pains.  They could not find anything and kept putting it down to stress.


When we got back home, I again pushed the medical system to find out what was wrong.

About 6 months ago a small lump came up and it was growing at a fast rate.  I was at last referred to specialist. 


I have just had major surgery where they found 4 hernias and a strangled bowel near my large intestine (which was the cause of the pain) and my stomach was out of alignment.


I am so very very grateful to Christine for giving me the strength to push the medical system again and now to be on the road to recovery.  The results could otherwise have been very serious.


I have to admit I have always been skeptical.  Now I am totally a believer in reflexology.


Jan Sinclair 


Foot Joint Mobilisation

In 2010 I decided to consult Christine about a bunion that I had forming at the base of my big toe.  It wasn’t so much the bunion, as the fact that it throbbed all the time whether I was resting, standing or exercising.  This became unbearable.

Christine immediately suggested that the foot mobilisation techniques that she was familiar with could make a huge difference.  I was definitely prepared to give it a go.

For over a period of 8 weeks I came to see her for treatment twice a week.  This gentle treatment encouraged the bones of the foot to realign and be in the correct place. 

During the 8 weeks I found that the throbbing became less and less until it was gone.  This was definitely my number one priority.  The bunion is still there but it hasn’t got bigger nor has it moved my toes out of place.  My toes are still straight 8 years later.  If I occasionally feel a slight throb, I do some of the exercises Christine suggested and the throbbing recedes. 

I have been very thrilled with the outcome as I value my feet and hope to be able to use them effectively to walk and move around for many years to come.

I would recommend foot mobilisation to anyone with the beginnings of a bunion.


Helen Carter

I would like to tell you how much I appreciate what you have done for my feet.

When I first came to you, I couldn't walk bare foot or in flat shoes without experiencing much pain (plantar fasciitis).  After only about three weeks I was able to walk in flat shoes without too much pain.  By the end of my eight weeks, I was able to walk and be in flat shoes all day without any pain.

I am probably about 90% improved and well on the way to having normal feet.

Denise Milne


I had suffered pain in my feet for years resulting from a badly sprained ankle and then plantar fasciitis.  Those first steps in the morning were agony and my daily walks had ceased. 

Various other treatments had not helped. Christine suggested Foot Joint Mobilisation, something I had never heard of.   I was willing to give anything a try to alleviate my pain and get myself moving again.  Throughout the course of treatment I could feel my feet loosening up and the pain subsiding as my foot placement corrected.

The before and after photos highlighted just how bad a state my feet were in.  I am back to walking daily and enjoying exercise again.  Thank you so much Christine for getting me back on my feet.


Cherone Wilson





It's been a while now and the improvements are amazing and seem permanent!  I'm so glad I had your treatment as it really has made a world of difference.  My husband is also amazed at the difference.  I can walk long distances now without any pain and when I get up from sitting or driving, there are no sharp twinges like there used to be.  The bump on top of the mid-left foot has also significantly reduced.  I am still doing the maintenance exercises and working on improving my posture.


So I just thought to let you know.


Therese Howie 

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