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Relief for feet that hurt to stand or walk on.  

Foot Joint Mobilisation can relieve feet that are painful when supporting the weight of your body.  Foot pain can stimulate aches in other parts of the body - knees, hips and lower back, and the mind can struggle to focus.  

The feet are the foundations that keep us upright and need to be strong and stable.  They have over 7,000 nerve receptors and one of their purposes is to sense the position and movement of the 28 bones in each foot, inform the rest of the body and ensure good co-ordination of movement and body position.  If they didn't, when we move, we would fall over or trip up. 


Daniel's feet at the start of the course of treatments. 

Notice the fallen arches, achilles tendons curved, bowed in ankles and feet splayed to the side. 

He was on his feet for work and even though he used orthotics, his feet ached.


Daniel's feet at the end of 8 weeks. 

He had thrown out his orthotics, bought new shoes (his old ones were no longer comfortable). 

Notice the arches are now self supporting, his feet and achilles tendons are straight. 

Daniel's feet no longer hurt to stand on and he found his thinking had become clearer.

Not all feet have a visible change over the 8 weeks.  Some feet simply feel better, can take their body weight and/or walk without pain.  The 'without pain' aspect is the most important result of this method.

Foot Joint Mobilisation was developed by Dr Harvey Lampell, a Podiatrist from USA.  Over many years of utilising this technique, he reduced the need for small operations or pain relief medication on his patients by 90%.

Foot joint mobilisation consists of 17 specific moves to slightly gap the joints and allow the bones of the feet to realign themselves.  Two half hour treatments are needed each week over an eight week period.  There are also a series of exercises to strengthen all the muscles of the feet, to help the bones keep their correct alignment and I also look at the way a client walks, which sometimes can add to their feet 'issues'.

When the feet become straight and strong, this has a beneficial flow-on effect to knees, hips, lower back, shoulders and neck.

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