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I am Christine Thesiger, I have two sons and two grandsons.  

Reflexology and feet have always fascinated me.  Years ago I attended a weekend introductory course in Auckland and the next year undertook and completed my diploma, a few years later reaching professional status.  All this time doing reflexology on friends, family, neighbours and work colleagues to help them in many and varied ways.  I realised that reflexology has an impact on both the body and the mind in surprising and often unexpected ways.


During this time I became aware of the Foot Joint Mobilisation method for relieving sore feet, and given my feet fascination, undertook to learn this technique, as it gave me a different aspect to helping people via the feet.

I have had a varied career, being a PA then office manager for consulting engineering companies.  For the past ten years I have been involved with dyslexia tutoring, helping people with dyslexia to read easily, with full comprehension, at their age level and remember what they have read, or heard.  I am dyslexic and left school just able to figure out enough words to survive.  I can now read fluently, as can now one of our sons who inherited this trait from me.  I have started helping my Grandson who has also inherited this different way of thinking and percieving life.

I enjoy photography and my clients often remark on some of my favourites displayed in my practice room.

I look forward to meeting you, getting to know you and helping you.

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